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Day 125: Second Year PhDone

Here is what I wrote about finishing gear two. It’s a wonder I made it (ha). I wanted to finish today because it marked another year finishing on Cinco De Mayo.

SECOND YEAR of the PhD: complete ✅

Just turned in my second Final Portfolio amidst a global pandemic while being thrust into the role of a full-time stay at home mom. If this season has taught me anything, it’s that I can work quicker and more efficiently than I think. It’s taught me to enjoy what I cannot control, too. Being with Bennett so much has been like a second maternity leave.

And I have good news, which feels weird to share during this time. But I love seeing others’ good news, so I’ll share some too in pleasant spirits:

  1. I will be joining the OSU Writing Center in a leadership role as an Assistant Director (AD). I’m so excited because I love leadership and writing and this is a perfect mix.
  2. The wonderful OSU creative writers nominated and voted me to be the President of the Creative Writers Association (CWA) for next year. It will be like the ASB experience I never had. But in the best of ways.
  3. The English department awarded me a teaching award for outstanding pedagogy in First Year Composition. And it came with money!

When I deliriously applied to a PhD program as a new mother (and I only applied to one, this one), I never imagined I’d get to work and create with such a talented, caring, passionate, and dedicated group of people. I didn’t know what my life would look like when I became a mom, but it’s helped me see all the potential I didn’t even know I had. I’m grateful to my son and husband and our families and friends who support us. And I say “us” because this has always been a team effort. Thank YOU for supporting me, and let me know how I can better support and serve you. 💖🍾

Photo: reflecting that this is all coming from a global pandemic & stay at home order with a messy kitchen behind me. May we never forget what we made it through.

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