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Day 87: Ellen Had a Baby!

I can’t share a photo yet – but one of my bestest friends gave birth to her son, Beck, around noon today, March 27th! We are over the moon happy for her and the wonder of new life.

My beautiful boy hand-picked flowers for me this afternoon. It was a first! Another wonderful, sweet moment.

Then some more from the sky today…

Day 84: Today I did not watch the news

That is a wonder absolutely. The news has been filling us all with anxiety. A day off is important. (Don’t worry I still see some stuff online, but we have been watching a lot of CNN too. And tonight we did not.)

Today I took Shiloh for a long walk. Yesterday was national puppy day! Love this pup of ours.

She loves to wave!

Day 81: The Scent of Wild Green Onion

I went on a walk yesterday, mid-quarantine. We are not sick, but are staying away from businesses (all that is open) and groups of people as much as possibly. On the walk I found a bunch of wild green onion. I pulled some on my way home to wash and then place in a vase. I had some last spring, and they sprout beautiful onion-fumed purple flowers. The smell was oddly wonderful. Scratchy and bitter and pungent.