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After 2020

Deer grazing at sunset in Stillwater, OK

I began a project on perspective before I KNEW what would come of our world. I wanted to look for wonder in all parts of the world, in all forms, without knowing I’d have to look for it at the end of my neighborhood, when we were all asked to stay home in March. Since March 2020, I’ve worked from home.

I could not have imagined where this project would have taken me. If anything, it’s taught me that it doesn’t take much work to find a pocket of joy/wonder/bliss/sanctuary in the world around you. The project has changed how I see.

And instead of stopping, I am continuing. But just spontaneously. A post of wonder here or there. In 2020, I posted 366 days of wonder which you can find through the different tags and months.

I hope that today you find something wonderful.

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