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Day 330: My Old Life, At Night

I drove by the building I spent a year and a half in before the pandemic hit. I realize I won’t spend much more time here, as I’ll move and finish my PhD from California. But I had missed this building. Working from home has been isolating at the least. Driving by it at night gave me a peace, a sense of community albeit imagined, like ghosts walking through an abandoned building.

Day 307: Wood Carving, Snowman

Our neighbors across the street brought this over today. She carved it from some of the branches fallen in our yard. She told us, “To never forget the 2020 Ice storm!” But it is the cutest thing ever. And the same neighbors across the way cleared our front yard from all the branches….just because. They said they see us work hard trying to support our family. 😭❤️ I mean….nothing ever beats good neighbors.