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Day 252: Wonder if Walking by Houses

On this 4.5 mile walk/jog I take I pass this single Spanish Hacienda style house. It’s solo in the sea of brick. Brick exists everywhere in Oklahoma. But this house reminds me of home, of Southern California. I’m always so drawn to it, so today I decided to capture a photo of it. The lone hacienda.

Day 132: Finding New Trails

Day 12 into May, and we have walked/ran 62 miles. 12 days!! Over an average of 5 miles a day. It’s wild what you can do if you just start and don’t stop, kind of like this blog on wonder. Every day can be wonderful if you choose to see it that way. Even amidst total and utter global chaos. We can choose. It’s the tiniest choice, but the tiny choices add up.

To find new paths, we have been exploring more than ever. Here is what I call: Rain Forrest Bridge (and oh yes, everything gets a name…ask me about the Spooky Bridge or the Secret Path!).

I hope this weeks finds you in delightful new paths, no matter how small they are.