Day 123: 15 Miles In

Nick signed up for The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee, a 1,000k, about 600 miles to complete by August 31st. Exactly four months. We started on Friday and so far we are 15 miles in. The average one will do to keep up is a about 5 miles each day.

Bennett and I plan to do as many as the miles as we can with him. I wonder how far we will get!

Day 95: I missed it

Day 95 was yesterday. I missed my post. Today I’ll do two. Yesterday I forgot what day of the week it was. Friday? Thursday? It was Saturday. I haven’t slept a full night’s sleep in a week. With B out of school, our schedule has been….what? Not a schedule. The past two days the temperature hovered around 40. Too cold to play in the driveway or take family walks with Shiloh around the neighborhood. This made me realize I really appreciated when it was beautiful out. 70. No mosquitos yet. Not humid. I could live in 70 forever.

It’s been 21 days since we quarantined for the coronavirus. School has been difficult. Life has been…difficult? But also speckled with small beautiful moments that I want to swallow.

I slept 5 hours last night, up since 4:30 am when B entered our bed. What wonder did I experience yesterday? Being outside by myself is my wonder. Running. My ears almost froze off yesterday and I remember wondering how wild it was — to go from a tank top one day to freezing the next.

My mom also sent Nick and me masks in the mail. It’s now recommended everyone wears a mask. A scary time to be alive. Pray for all of us.

Day 35: A First Day for Swim Lessons

My son sitting on the edge of the pool, dangling his feet beyond the gutter, splashing. That’s my wonder today. As a swimmer with a dad who is still a fantastic medal winning swimmer — I was nervous/proud/excited/full of anticipation.

On a funny note — he was thrilled right when he entered, then when he accidentally dunked himself, he was cold and less sure. But he made it through the whole class! And we enjoyed some special time after the class ended, just him and me in the pool. 💙

Day 34: Why the fake green grass?

Between finishing being at school and picking up B, I have about an hour. I try to be outdoors if the weather allows and go on at least a 2.2 mile jog. I usually do the same route through the neighborhood. All the lawns have been brown and dead looking since the first winter freeze. But, today I noticed a “nicer” part of the neighborhood (maybe slightly more expensive/newer homes) had spray painted all the lawns green. I don’t know why but this made me laugh with wonder. I wondered how much it cost, who did the spray-painting? Was it an HOA thing? It kind of looked silly, like when someone first dyes their hair and some of the paint lingers on their forehead and neck. There was green graffiti-like marks on the sidewalks. I wondered what was wrong with having the brown winter grass like the rest of us? What do you think of painted grass?

You can see, across the street — the green pain stops. (Maybe considered a different part of the neighborhood.)

Day 32: Cycling Class on A Saturday Morning

My friend Aisha invited me to join her at spin class at the university gym. I am SO GLAD I WENT. Wow, how I had forgotten the wonderful sensation from a tough early morning workout, when the gym is just opening and its just you and the spinners. It made me miss long bike rides in San Diego, around Sea World, down to the bay. But in 32 degrees, I will take my spin class indoors. It was so peaceful and I’m so grateful.

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