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Day 337: A Mouse, Frozen

The other day Nick said he saw a mouse in the garage! It zipped past him while he was on his bike. Then, it disappeared! But this morning, I saw the little critter, frozen to the ground. Wondering: what happened?

(Also, this is our second mouse in a few years. So not common at all! We were more curious about how he got to the garage more than anything.)

Day 145: What Used to Be (Abandoned Baseball Field Entrance)

If you know, you know. I’m obsessed with abandoned buildings. Obsessed. Take me to one and I’ll stare at it for hours, picturing the place alive with people. Alive with weather and music and food and smells. Today that sense of imagining of what once was took over. It was for an old abandoned baseball field ticketing entrance. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop wondering what this place meant to the people who frequented it, years ago. (Stillwater, OK)

Day 29: Doves on a Double Date

On a walk, I thought I saw a single pair of doves cozying up on a tall fence. But when I checked my photo, there were four. ❤

I love doves as spiritual messengers. I used to wear a dove necklace of the bird holding an olive branch in its beak. Seeing four somehow felt wonderful, a sprinkle more than just the two.