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Day 85: Tweezing Ticks

Shiloh had a tick in her neck. We rubbed petroleum jelly on the area, burned the tick’s butt, then I tweezed, deeply, to not break him in half. When I pulled him out, I was wide eyed with wonder examining his smashed body.

It was my first time tweezing a tick out of a body.

Day 84: Today I did not watch the news

That is a wonder absolutely. The news has been filling us all with anxiety. A day off is important. (Don’t worry I still see some stuff online, but we have been watching a lot of CNN too. And tonight we did not.)

Today I took Shiloh for a long walk. Yesterday was national puppy day! Love this pup of ours.

She loves to wave!

Day 57: Puppy Therapy

Today was the second day I’ve brought Shiloh, now nearing 11 weeks, to the university. I’m grateful to live only about ten minutes away, so I can bring her and take her home in a feasible amount of time.

When I walk her though campus, the joy I see on strangers’ expressions and friends’ faces brings me the feeling of wonder. It’s almost like a wonder domino effect. Shiloh brings delight to someone, I witness their faces, the delight spreads to me.

We all need more puppy therapy at busy college campuses.