Day 93: How Many Balls Can You Fit in a Basketball Hoop?

This afternoon, as I finished my second Zoom class of the day, Nick asked, “Isn’t this crazy, you doing this wonder project during all this?” By *all this* I think we all know he means the global pandemic, a serious crisis. The coronavirus.

It is odd. Why this project? Why now? If you look back at why, I sensed a palpating anxiety. But now? It’s like we need daily wonder to just survive. It’s everyone that needs it. We are all grieving an old world, and are unsure of what our future world holds.

This afternoon was a gorgeous evening (the mosquitos aren’t here yet). And I learned two things: Nick is a secret chalk artist. And two, you can fit many balls into a single basketball hoop.

Pistol Pete!
Spot the flying golfball!

Day 92: Empty playgrounds

On a walk today, I gazed out at empty playgrounds. Basketballs and soccer balls nested in the lawn. It’s as if the kids dropped the balls and left all at once. It’s how the world feels/looks right now.

I wonder how the kids are doing, if they are playing, how often they dream of kicking a soccer ball with their friends again.

Purple flowered trees gift joy.