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Day 103: When the Morning Comes

Happy Easter everyone, from our 6:30 am Easter to you. He is Risen. We Rise too. We will get through this. Now begins week 5 of quarantine and we are continuing with national lockdown to at least April 30th, probably longer. It’s the first time in history all of the states have been declared a state of emergency. We move through this time period with both fear and joy. But we know our joy is stronger. 🌸💜🐰

Day 102: Finding Excitement Anticipating Easter

Coloring eggs, walks on our “secret path” in which we found a little Peter Cottontail, snuggles with the little bunny from an Easter last — I love the night before a holiday. Even amidst this global pandemic, we find joy in anticipation. The Easter Bunny is an essential worker. And we are grateful for that.

Day 100: The Wonder of Easter…And Spotting the Bunny on a Rock

Bennett is old enough to understand Easter this year. It’s a strange time to celebrate a holiday. But we are still talking about it and getting excited.

We haven’t been to the grocery store in a week or two and ordered grocery store pick up and they were out of ham. Normally, I’d drive around to different stores to get one. It’s a small tradition we adhere to. But I’m not sure about this year. We might be living off pasta.

In lieu of everything going strange in the world, Bennett and I like to get outside. On our walk, he stopped and pointed to a rock, and said, “Look, it’s the Easter bunny!” I turned my head, and there it was! I felt some magic and wonder on the 100th day of the year, the Easter spirit.