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Day 131: An old photo

This is my grandma Barbara with two of her children. She is not my biological grandmother, but’s she’s been my grandma since the day she entered my life. And she is beautiful and funny and I wonder what she did after this photo: what she made for dinner, who she spoke to, how her day was. She makes a delicious and famous brisket and I wonder if she made it this day, too.

Day 103: When the Morning Comes

Happy Easter everyone, from our 6:30 am Easter to you. He is Risen. We Rise too. We will get through this. Now begins week 5 of quarantine and we are continuing with national lockdown to at least April 30th, probably longer. It’s the first time in history all of the states have been declared a state of emergency. We move through this time period with both fear and joy. But we know our joy is stronger. 🌸💜🐰

Day 75: Walking Dogs

Today, our tiny county and town declared a state of emergency. We were kind of hoping we’d miss the coronavirus. But there is a confirmed case in our county (not town…as of yet).

But this was this evening — after the president told America to “relax” and “just buy what you need for the week” — he had just gotten off the phone with all the big CEOs from Wal-Mart, Kroger, General Mills, Target, and et cetera. People have been making “panic purchases” and you will find the entire pasta and canned tuna aisle wipes out in conjunction with the cleaning supplies, baby wipes, and toilet paper. He seemed to be unaware of the real danger humans are facing.

Tests are coming but we don’t know how available or accessible they will be. This is how the virus is moving. We get news hourly, daily.

To take a break, the three of us (4 with Shiloh the Golden) went in the rainy mist for a walk along the lake. It was wonderful to be in nature, get outside, take our minds off all we couldn’t control, and we even had a moment of humor when a woman speed walked past us with FIVE dogs on leashes.

Stay safe, and happy social distancing.

Day 36: Second Snow Day of the Year

I’m from California. Snow is a rare gem. Fortunately, it is for Oklahoma too. (I could never do it much more than this. I like my oceans and sunshine year round.) Cities and schools basically shut down if it snows. My campus and Bennett’s school were both closed today.

Outside, we ventured: mini snowmen, tumbling in fluffy fresh snow, tasting it on the tips of our tongues.

Later tonight I went on a walk—a path I walk or jog almost daily, but tonight it seemed new. A bird nest filled with snow nestled atop a tree, a lawn spelled the word “misfits” and all the houses looked like they were out of a snowy Christmas story book dream.

Day 20: A Phone Call, a Breathing Meditation & a Beagle

Five PM: Phone call with one of my best writing friends, Jacqueline. There is wonder in hearing her voice, learning how she is, sharing common mishaps, new joys, and perseverance. Conversations with friends leave a wonder filled with joy; we do not do this life alone.

Eight PM: Baby boy is asleep. Nick shows me a new breathing/meditation technique — Wim Hof Method. Nick held his breath for over 2 minutes, I held mine for 1:45. It’s surprising to remember what the body is capable of in terms of breath. During the activity I pictured myself smiling while swimming underwater in an Olympic length pool.

Nine PM: I scroll on Facebook and see the last beagle baby of my (deceased) beagle Sasha’s puppies had passed. Her name is Lexi. A family friend picked her out of the litter about fourteen or fifteen years ago. I was a sophomore in high school. I remember being so happy to see the babies healthy and here. Lexi was sisters with Maddie, the puppy we chose from the litter, who passed in winter 2018. I look at Lexi’s face and remember my girl, Sasha, who passed in 2015, two months before my wedding. And Maddie. I was reminded of the wonder of my love for animals — here and gone.

Three wonders for a Monday.

Here’s Lexi. And her mom, Sasha, in 2012.

Lexi, 2019
Sasha, 2012

Day 14: Wonder in a photoshoot and pile of leaves

This is late! But there was wonder in the morning of this day. Bennett is a budding photographer! And he is also fun when taking selfies. He also jumped in a wet pile of leaves after this — and that, friends — that is wonder.

Day 11: The First Snow!

This morning, Bennett came running into my room saying, “Mommy, it snowed!” We pulled open the blinds and there it was — a fresh coat of fluffy snow.

We slid on our snow clothes and went out to the front driveway to make a snowman.

Wonder like today’s is easy — it’s a gift from mother nature.

It also helps that today is Saturday. I don’t have to worry about Nick driving an hour into the city for work or driving Bennett to daycare or parking then walking a half mile through the snow to campus. We can sip our coffee at home and just enjoy the wonder of snow.