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Day 62: Singing Lullabies with My Son

The wonder occurs when his eyes look into mine, and our pitches catch the same tone, and we sing with joy in our hearts, right before bedtime.

Our favorite is the moon song:

I see the moon

The moon sees me

The moons sees somebody I want to see

God bless the moon

And God bless me

And God bless the somebody I want to see

Day 9: Wonder Moon in January

The moon is brilliant. We are two days from a full moon, and I can tell we are getting close.

Today has been a little stressful. I am moving out of my office at the university because they will be renovating and asbestos will be flying everywhere. I don’t want to be near any of that, but will have to be for classes.

So tonight, I just needed a moment with the moon.

Also, a friend told me she felt a sense of wonder when her cat fell asleep on her feet. What did I say, cats are the best.