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Day 7: A Cat is a Girl’s Best Friend

I have said this before and I’ll say it again — there is no one that loves me as much as my cat. Humans can get annoyed by me, but my cat? No way.

Of course I am semi-kidding. My humans love me a lot. But there is so much hype around dogs being a girl’s best friend. But I think cats deserve a little more spotlight beyond funny GIFs and memes.

I was reminded by the wonder of my cat’s affection when we returned home yesterday. She was on my lap immediately, purring, cuddling, doing that strange cat thing where they knead their claws into the blanket like they are nesting. Today she has followed me to every spot around the house — from the bathroom, living room and kitchen.

Today I honor Brea — which means “love” in Gaelic. Which suits her because she is Irish, born on St. Patrick’s Day. And her last name is O’Neil, also Irish. She’s the purr of love.