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Day 46: Walking into a Clean House

I’ve had a bad cough for a couple weeks. It was getting worse. I started meds on Thursday. Today I’m finally feeling a bit like I’m getting better instead of worse. Oklahoma has tested my nervous system. I hardly ever became sick in California. But here? It’s been almost every season (except last fall!).

So yesterday you’ll see I hardly posted a photo of a sign in our neighborhood that made me laugh.

Today, I’m relishing in the wonder of my husband and son who have made Love Day special. We went out for a fun dinner last night (B’s pick! Eskimo Joe’s). When we arrived home, I was gifted a fun giant card that involved avocados which they know I love. And today we went to an OSU basketball game!

But most of all: I was in wonder of my husband cleaning the house when I arrived home from doing homework this morning!

Day 40: Puppy Asleep on my Chest

I’ve been sick. Literally, the night we brought our new girl home I had a slight fever. So I’ve noticed wonder slips out of my mind when I’m not feeling my best. I’m stressed, wanting my body to feel better. Bennett and I have had a cough for about a week and I think it’s just a viral thing that will go away soon.

I watched a movie today that invoked zero wonder in me: Joker. It was more angering than enlightening. (Maybe I’ll write a film review later.

But in the brief moment of a sick day, our new Shi Girl fell asleep on my chest like a newborn. Prepare your hearts for the most precious wonder ever from our new girl.

Day 20: A Phone Call, a Breathing Meditation & a Beagle

Five PM: Phone call with one of my best writing friends, Jacqueline. There is wonder in hearing her voice, learning how she is, sharing common mishaps, new joys, and perseverance. Conversations with friends leave a wonder filled with joy; we do not do this life alone.

Eight PM: Baby boy is asleep. Nick shows me a new breathing/meditation technique — Wim Hof Method. Nick held his breath for over 2 minutes, I held mine for 1:45. It’s surprising to remember what the body is capable of in terms of breath. During the activity I pictured myself smiling while swimming underwater in an Olympic length pool.

Nine PM: I scroll on Facebook and see the last beagle baby of my (deceased) beagle Sasha’s puppies had passed. Her name is Lexi. A family friend picked her out of the litter about fourteen or fifteen years ago. I was a sophomore in high school. I remember being so happy to see the babies healthy and here. Lexi was sisters with Maddie, the puppy we chose from the litter, who passed in winter 2018. I look at Lexi’s face and remember my girl, Sasha, who passed in 2015, two months before my wedding. And Maddie. I was reminded of the wonder of my love for animals — here and gone.

Three wonders for a Monday.

Here’s Lexi. And her mom, Sasha, in 2012.

Lexi, 2019
Sasha, 2012