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Day 262: People Who Make You Who You Wish You Knew

My maternal grandmother, pictured below, died when I was weeks old. I met her once in one of her final days in the hospital. An infant on her belly, cuddling. I look at this photo and wonder overcomes me — this woman is part of me and I always wish I knew her more. The photo below is of my mom, a toddler, and how I wish I knew her as a toddler, how fun would that be?

Day 252: Wonder if Walking by Houses

On this 4.5 mile walk/jog I take I pass this single Spanish Hacienda style house. It’s solo in the sea of brick. Brick exists everywhere in Oklahoma. But this house reminds me of home, of Southern California. I’m always so drawn to it, so today I decided to capture a photo of it. The lone hacienda.

Day 248: Cat’s Coat

Not all wonders are enchanting, I’ve come to learn. Some just leave you pressing, thinking, questioning. Brea the cat has some rash and she has been pulling out her fur and we have been trying to help her with different medicines, but no luck yet. I wonder if it will take a change in a season for it to go away. Or maybe a trip to the vet.