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Day 70: Another Day of Crisis…Where Can We Find the Wonder?

It’s another day of fear over: politics (and mourning over not potentially having a woman president), the pandemic of the coronavirus, schools subsequently shutting down until fall or moving online, the ever-plunging stock market, just to name a few. In my personal life, family have been canceling travel plans. My grandmother, in her late eighties, has had a pneumonia for three weeks. I’m scared. I think we all are.

What we are experiencing as a world is unprecedented. So how do we find wonder? In crisis, it’s imperative to find the wonder.

Today, I wasn’t sure. But there were brief glimpses of wonder. Humor over a tweet. The joy of reheating and repurposing my homemade Turkey burgers from last night, my sister kicking butt on her final practicals in dental school, my grandpa and grandma’s voices on the other end of my phone line (and the opening of Del Taco in Stillwater).

Day 47: A Christmas Letter from 1991

My dad mailed me a copy of an old Christmas card my grandma Ingrid had sent him. She had saved a stack of the Lund holiday cards for a good thirty years or so. My dad called to tell me “clip art was just in” when he created this. He thinks it’s cheesy but I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever read.

If I get my humor from someone – it’s my dad! Read this.

Also I hope someone is secretly saving our holiday cards because I can’t seem to keep them together.

Day 41: NASA Broomstick Challenge

Something funny went viral today: NASA broomstick challenge. Nick showed me photos and photos of people standing their brooms up for apparently “today only” due to the earth’s gravitational pull. In their kitchens, living rooms, next to their corgi.

So we tried and it was hysterical. We FaceTimed my parents, and my dad, the scientist, laughed and said we could try this trick any day!

The Internet is a wild, wondrous, funny place sometimes.