Day 109: Solo Time in Nature

When I was younger, one of my favorite soothing activities was to go off in nature by myself. Sometimes that involved staring up at the clouds through the trees, feeling the grass prickle my back as I recoiled. Other times, like in college, it meant going off to sit and stare at the ocean, with no one else around. Today, I needed a moment to reset. On my 4 mile walk/jog I paused to listen to the birds, crunch a piece of grass between my fingers, feel the wind on my face.

Pausing in nature brings me closer to wonder.

I couldn’t get too close, but this little strip of trees by the baseball fields did the job. 🙂

Day 108: Hope

At 2 pm PST today, a family friend asked us to pray for her niece, incubated in the ICU due to COVID-19. We were sent a picture and asked to visualize her healthy, alive. She’s in her early thirties. Lives in New Jersey, in an apartment; she is not a healthcare worker. She is one of thousands of people hit by this illness.

It’s a lot.

Every single day, Nick says it’s like fighting for his life working in healthcare.

We are all fighting.

And while we fight, I find wonder in our hope. Hope that soon, we can hug again. Live again. Without fear.

Day 105: Memories of a Mighty Miniature Horse

My mom called me today, crying, in the backyard. Our tiny horse, Skittles, was on the ground. He could no longer walk. It was something neurological as he was eating fine, but panicked as he looked at his legs that would not move. I so wished I was there. She told me the vet was on his way over.

When she called me again, I could tell by her face he was gone. He would never be able to walk again and was too old for surgery — about age 33 my mom thinks. I cried, with her and my sisters, as I stirred spiral Mac and Cheese on the stovetop.

I began looking at photos of him and wanted to share some here tonight. He was the sweetest, sturdiest little horse. He will be so very missed. Bennett loved him, too.

Day 103: When the Morning Comes

Happy Easter everyone, from our 6:30 am Easter to you. He is Risen. We Rise too. We will get through this. Now begins week 5 of quarantine and we are continuing with national lockdown to at least April 30th, probably longer. It’s the first time in history all of the states have been declared a state of emergency. We move through this time period with both fear and joy. But we know our joy is stronger. 🌸💜🐰

Day 102: Finding Excitement Anticipating Easter

Coloring eggs, walks on our “secret path” in which we found a little Peter Cottontail, snuggles with the little bunny from an Easter last — I love the night before a holiday. Even amidst this global pandemic, we find joy in anticipation. The Easter Bunny is an essential worker. And we are grateful for that.