Day 105: Memories of a Mighty Miniature Horse

My mom called me today, crying, in the backyard. Our tiny horse, Skittles, was on the ground. He could no longer walk. It was something neurological as he was eating fine, but panicked as he looked at his legs that would not move. I so wished I was there. She told me the vet was on his way over.

When she called me again, I could tell by her face he was gone. He would never be able to walk again and was too old for surgery — about age 33 my mom thinks. I cried, with her and my sisters, as I stirred spiral Mac and Cheese on the stovetop.

I began looking at photos of him and wanted to share some here tonight. He was the sweetest, sturdiest little horse. He will be so very missed. Bennett loved him, too.

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